10 Strange Table Designs

10 Strange Table Designs

When we first saw these strange tables, we wondered how folks actually came up with this freakishly awesome stuff. Whether the ideas were born out of a basic need or simply aesthetically fascinating, these tables are making a statement that we couldn't pass up showing off.

Below are a host of radically unique and multi-functional tables that some really inventive characters decided to place on the market. Not only are they stylish and modern but very strange- and we think that is the best part about them…

Walking Table designed by Wouter Scheubin.The table really does walk by itself when triggered…

There is an eastern belief that small changes in an individual's life can affect the society at large through a 'ripple' effect. This is designer Jeonghwa Seo & Hanna Chung's way of bringing this idea to the table.

Join two pieces of the jig saw puzzle to make this into a table.


For all you video game freaks, we introduce to you The Playstation Controller Coffee Table, by Mark M. It was made with plywood, MDF, veneer on veneer by a student on his down time!


This levitating cube table has 64 cubes none of which touch each other or the floor! Surprising what magnetism and some good old steel cable can do!

“ Brag” Diamond Cut Coffee Table made out of Corian…

Designer Nenad Kostadinov created the Curved table with rotating drawers!

A traveling Picnic Table, it doesn't get any cleverer than this…

And for those of you who have a variety of height within your family tree…

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Video: 10 Strange Table Designs.


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