25 Unique Kitchen Countertops

25 Unique Kitchen Countertops

This article offers up an array of amazing kitchen countertops, but many of these surfaces aren't just your typical culinary worktops, we also explore integrated interactive Smart kitchen systems built-in right under your fingertips.

This kitchen appears as separately stacked volumes, with a countertop that blends with the units over each level.

These clever design, 'The Cut', has units that can be reconfigured into different setups, including a slide-away table that can be concealed in an inconspicuous cut in the central block. Advertisement

Countertop concealed in a movable metal crate which could come in handy if you decide to change where you cook from.

Drama is brought to this cooking space with the introduction of a textured glass counter that scatters the light, looking almost like flowing water.

Looking for something more dramatic? Colored LEDs add a whole new dynamic.

Delicate, subtle pattern dances over backlit white crystal here, appearing as sunlight on glaciers.

Countertop art.

Butchers block style. Advertisement

Modern Home Plan

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Check out this awesome presentation at CES 2014 by Whirlpool:

Countertops are just one of the many things that make a kitchen special. Here are some others things to make your kitchen more unique: 50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier Unique Knives 40 Modern Flatware Sets 50 Unique Cutting Boards

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