30 Extraordinary Sinks That You Will Not Find In An Average Home

30 Extraordinary Sinks That You Will Not Find In An Average Home

The domestic sink can take on many different forms, from a traditional round bowl basin to a sharp-edged shallow twin user trough. Basins come in all manners of finishes, colors and sizes, but we wanted to delve deeper into the world of super sinks to see if we could uncover something really extraordinary. We found not one, but 30 weird and wonderful solutions, including ecologically friendly ideas, integrated systems and cunningly concealed designs.

Our first interesting find under a faucet is this elegant bathroom basin that has an etched glass base. When raised up on it's waste collar, the base casts a beautiful light pattern over the surface of the vanity unit below.

This organic form is the solid resin 'spoon sink'-the sister product the award winning spoon urinal-which mimics the shape of a single teardrop. Advertisement

This Philips integrated chopping-board sink makes for a seamless prep area in the kitchen.

Irregularly stacked pebble shapes make up the limited edition 'Water Stone Faucet'. The zen-garden worthy tap is teamed with a gently scooped sink, and comes in a contemporary chrome finish or a delicate china white.

A minimalistic white slab takes on extra character with the incorporation of a blue splash shaped hollow.

Resembling the shape of the Calla lilly, the 'Kalla' sink is a freestanding form made from Cristalplant.

Another sink formed from Cristalplant (which is the first eco-sustainable solid surface made from materials of plant origin combined with natural inert minerals of absolute purity) is this chunky block cut through with a slimline grate drain.

This sharp corned cuboid outline appears to hang precariously in mid-air, with waste water disappearing into the subtle mount. Advertisement

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