50 Cool & Unique Wine Glasses

50 Cool & Unique Wine Glasses

Every wine lover needs at least one stemware set - most choose a versatile option large enough for reds, and maybe pick up a few champagne flutes and call it a day. But what if you want something with a little more character? Perhaps a gift for somebody with a sense of humor or a love of novelty? And then there's the whole matter of travel and casual parties where durability is the biggest concern. This guide doesn't hold back on the variety, from true luxury to pure laughs. Not a big fan of wine? Consider revisiting out our big list of tea and coffee mugs for more drinkware inspiration or our list of unique flatware if you are looking to stock up on diningware.

A glass more than two years in the making. Each L'Atelier du Vin L'Exploreur is unique - the high quality lead-free glass joins together at a subtle seam that helps to release and develop the definition of each aroma.

Six crystal wine glasses made in Florence, Italy; part of the Fusion collection from Lorenzo. The smaller size (five and a half ounces) helps to prevent over-pouring, ideal for dinner parties and tasting clubs. Advertisement

Wedgwood teamed up with wedding designer Vera Wang to create this contemporary interpretation of the traditional Duchesse pattern. Characterized by a simple starburst cut, these fine crystal glasses also sparkle with a distinctive platinum rim.

Baccarat stemware is known for its immaculate quality and high detail, and this collection is no different. Massena stemware features deep bevel cuts in heavy fine crystal, a weighty glass that feels good in the hand.

These festive champagne flutes are the perfect conversation piece for a party - when filled, it almost looks like the bubbly is floating in midair! Double-wall design means the champagne stays cold and the glass remains free of condensation right down to the last drop.

Another inside-out design, this time for your favorite reds or whites. Starfrit double wall wine glasses make for a fun display on the table or shelf.

Cute and funny! The WINESTEIN double-walled glass stein looks like a wine stem, sure to generate some good laughs at any gathering. Plus, the double-walled design will keep beverages nice and cool. The WINESTEIN comes in a descriptive box perfect for gifting.

Wine-O is THE perfect gift for a friend who feels like shrugging off the glass to go straight for the bottle after a hard day. The Wine-O fits a whole standard (750ml) bottle of wine and includes a custom-fit stopper so you can revisit it later. Advertisement

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