50 Owl Home Decor Items Every Owl Lover Should Have

50 Owl Home Decor Items Every Owl Lover Should Have

Owls have captivated nature enthusiasts for thousands of years, appreciated for their stoicism and great beauty. And we're big fans too! We've put together a list of 50 owl-themed home accessories for people who love these majestic birds just as much as we do. Here, you'll find everything: gorgeous prints for the wall, useful accessories for the kitchen and bathroom, and even some fun stuff for the kids. Are you craving more decor inspiration? Don't forget to check out our big list of beautiful bird home decor, or if you're more of a mammal person, we have a collection of elephant accessories too. Check 'em out.

Owl Cushion with Handwarmer: Soft and squishy, this sleepy nocturnal character would make a wonderful naptime buddy. Add a hot water bottle to soothe chilly hands on a cold day. Of course, he looks super cute on a shelf even in warmer weather too.

Owl Cushion Set: Anybody can relate to at least one of these cute hipster owls. These throw pillows would work great for a casual interior that needs a splash of color and personality. Advertisement

Owl Throw Pillow Cover: The first half of this post contains plenty of owl pillows to decorate your favorite cozy spots. This removable cover features a double-sided print with a concealed zipper so you can add it to your favorite pillow.

Vintage Owl Pillow Cover: Look at how the eyes immediately draw attention! This owl illustration integrates the colors of 70s-era Pop Art, with a little bit of influence from strong traditional-style tattoo line work.

Cosmic Egg Owl Throw Pillow Cover: A whimsical collection of blue birds sits against a backdrop of coral flowers and mushrooms. The really striking thing about these characters are the eyes - mystery and liveliness shine through clearly.

Abstract Modern Owl Pillow Cover: Magenta and cyan overlap to create a range of rich colors, the owl's form pared down to the most basic shapes. This piece would make a wonderful gift for an owl fan in the print or graphic design business.

Mr. Owl Throw Pillow Cover: Gorgeous! Mr. Owl is a printed version of an impressionist charcoal sketch, with a pair of fashionable eyeglasses added for fun and flavor. The specs definitely bring out his eyes.

Little Owl Throw Pillow Cover: Owls are already one of nature's most beautiful and impressive birds, but the babies are just too cute for words. The features look so realistically soft, it feels like you could reach out and touch them. Advertisement

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Check out the cute Ulo security owl in action.

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