50 Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers To Spice Up Your Table

50 Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers To Spice Up Your Table

No dishware collection is complete without the "meat and potatoes" of condiment dispensers, the king and queen of the table - the essential salt and pepper set. It's hard to live without these ubiquitous spice shakers so why not choose a pair you love? Whether you're searching for kitchen accessories that can stand up to everyday cooking needs, need a useful housewarming gift for a friend, or just want something nice to go with your new dishes or cutlery, this collection of 50 distinctive spice shakers just might inspire your next tableware investment.

Cooking is a science and these chemistry-themed shakers are sure to inspire experimentation in the kitchen. Of course, the salt should say NaCl but hey - it's a conversation starter!

Here's another set of spice shakers inspired by science, but be warned that your chemist friends might chuckle a bit at the pepper formula. Still very cute! Advertisement

Perfect for photographers and especially foodographers, these film-inspired salt and pepper shakers bring artistic passion to the table in a big way.

Not too big or too small, but just right - these minimalistic salt and pepper grinders look elegant at the table and feel good in the hand.

Stressed out about cooking and cleanup? Bring a little zen to the table with the BALANCE salt and pepper shaker set. These shakers look like tranquilly stacked pebbles, and the bottom portion flips over to reveal a small bowl for dips and sauces.

These natural shakers are hand-sculpted and smoothed with a natural oil and beeswax finish, an organic design that fits well with any tableware theme. Available in walnut, maple, cherry, beech, or stunning iroko.

Minimalistic yet perfectly distinctive, the RINGS salt and pepper set pares down the classic spice dispenser to an attractively basic form. One is glossy and the other matte so you can tell them apart.

Porcelain drops with a distinctive swirl on top, these shakers mimic the shape of a Hershey's Kiss to please any chocolate aficionado. Advertisement

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50 Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers To Spice Up Your Table

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