A Calm And Simple Family Home With Neat Features

A Calm And Simple Family Home With Neat Features

This delightfully streamlined family home makes the most of a neutral color palette and simple materials. Tiny colorful accents pop up here and there but they don't dominate the design - it's a brilliant blend of minimalistic and classic design sensibilities. Designed by Yevhen Zahorodnii for a growing family, this 86 square meter apartment in Minsk required a straightforward approach to maintain its sense of spaciousness. Clever storage techniques and layered textures are two common themes between each room. There are quite a few handy ideas to explore, especially in the spaces intended for use by the little ones.

The public-facing areas are the most subdued, starting with this simple yet textural living room, its single crimson pillow drawing the eye toward the comfortable seating area.

A backdrop of rich dark wood creates more visual drama without adding extraneous decoration.

But on the other side of the room, a handful of exciting features add immense character. The angled bookshelves are especially distinctive - and so is the smooth oversized planter.

This hallway closet appears to have a versatile layout, with plenty of space for shoes and accessories.

It's hard to go wrong with such a refined dining layout. It's simple, effective, and totally on-theme with dark red chairs.

Gray cabinets, a mirrored backsplash, and glossy white cabinetry makes sure the kitchen doesn't stand out more than the elements that surround it.

What a gorgeous office! Black is such a calming and stimulating color. Ample sunlight and light accents (like the white ceiling and light wood floor) prevent the space from feeling too oppressive or dark.

This iconic piece of furniture is the classic Eames Soft Pad chair with the 4-pad base and executive back options.

Across the room, a nice gray sofa allows a comfortable place to lay and think when work gets too stressful. Note the folding backrest - a cool and versatile feature.

The basic elements of the child's bedroom are as simple and refined as can be. This leaves plenty of room to personalize the space as the young one develops new interests and hobbies.

Even the pint-sized office features a productive layout and relaxing atmosphere.

Plush hearts mingle with low pendant lights over the bench. This would be an easy look to DIY over the weekend!

And, the most precious detail of them all: a little tent for reading and daydreaming. The rug provides a nice soft floor and stuffed animals offer loyal companionship.

Metallic edging throughout the hallway promotes a very chic, sleek, and modern aesthetic. The recessed lighting to the right catches the metal framing just right.

The bathroom has a few of the boldest characteristics of all the rooms in the home. Textural stone walls and floor contrast with the super-sleek surface on the vanity area.

The small tile in the shower offers a lovely contrast to the larger slabs of stone in the main portion of the bathroom. That stripe of white looks quite sharp.

But really, it's the attention to detail that makes this space work so exceptionally well. The height of each surface, the prominent edgework, the layered textures… It all comes together for a seamless visual experience.

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