A Gorgeous Home

A Gorgeous Home

The Selby since its inception in 2008 has been showing off fantastic homes of artists and entrepreneurs. Todd Selby, the owner of this website is a multi faceted personality with an interest in a variety of activities. Todd's first photoshoot received a very overwhelming response after which he was approached by several big ad company's for collaboration. He has worked with Ad Giants such as Nike, fashion guru Vogue, Paris and many more.

Look closely at all pictures and you will realise that the vibes unique to every artist's house is retained in the photographs. Todd is a great story teller and maybe thats why people who look through his pictures feel instantly connected. The house featured here belongs to a gallerist Sarah Cottier and her partner, Ashley Barber photographer and gallery director.

1 pool view

2 the lawn

3 the student

4 the living room

5 the threesome

6 the crazy workplace

7 sarah at work

8 the bathroom

9 the library

10 the photographer at work

11 dining space

13 artists discussions

13 the white room

Video: Interior Design – Tour A Gorgeous Home With Global Style.


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