A Set of Extraordinary Lights

A Set of Extraordinary Lights

Although lighting is always an essential part of interior design, some designers do little more than include soft track lighting and perhaps a chandelier in the dining area. The lights in this post are so much more than practical. They provide light while also bringing creativity, art, and even humor into any room where they might be placed.

The lights from CoeLux manage to reproduce natural light indoors, using nanotechnology. The photos here, according to the designers at CoeLux, are unretouched.

More of an art project than a light fixture, designer Anila Quayyum Agha found inspiration for this intricate installation, from the exclusion that women experience in Islam as well as in Pakistan. Advertisement

There is no question where the inspiration for this chandelier. The metal structure is designed to be hung from a tree brand in winter so that it can collect water and become coated in real ice.

This storm cloud light, which includes an interactive lamp as well as speaker, is not just beautiful, it is almost hypnotic.

While these suspended lights are not necessarily as beautiful as some of the others included here, they have extra functionality: they actually play music.

Beauty and function do not need to take the place of fun when it comes to lighting. These fixtures from The Play Collective and nothing if not fun.

Made from perforated porcelain, with each hole drilled by hand, these balls of light creates beautiful patterns on the walls in the dark. Advertisement

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You really need to watch these beauties in action:

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