Amazing Metal Sculptures Made From Reclaimed Bronze Ornaments

Amazing Metal Sculptures Made From Reclaimed Bronze Ornaments

Considering the high degree of precision and detail, most people wouldn't believe that these intricate sculptures are made from salvaged materials. French artist Alain Bellino studied the family trade of gold and silver plating throughout the 1980s before moving on to creating completely original sculptures. By 2010, he had developed a style that repurposes the bronze ornamentation from antique furniture and hardware. His work spans a variety of themes and styles, and finished with a variety of treatments to achieve specific colors or level of patina - he only sticks to one rule, and that is that each piece should be made entirely from bronze.

This striking Vintage Vader is immensely intricate. The dark finish and skillfully polished eyes suit him quite well. As with most of Alain Bellino's work, this helmet is made of finely-assembled antique bronze ornaments and finished with a patinated silver coating. This would be a gorgeous addition to any Star Wars themed home.

Many of the photos is this series highlight the sculptures at various phases in their construction. Here's the piece before applying the silver.

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Of course, no collection is complete without R2D2. This one would certainly stand out in any hobby room. Imagine how long it must have taken to find the perfect bronze ornaments for the shoulders and the details! The artist says that keeping a wide assortment of parts on hand at all times is crucial.

This piece is rather large, and takes advantage of color finishes in addition to the lovely white paint. Advertisement

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