The Art of Hanging Art

The Art of Hanging Art

The subject of this post is highly subjective. Art. Art today is many things. Art today is anything. Its merit is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the hanger. Like selecting art, hanging art is a skill that requires a level of creativity befitting each individual piece. Not everyone however, is artistic. These images though inspirational in their intention, offer practical solutions to art enthusiasts on any budget. â Below we give guidelines, tips and tricks for hanging and displaying your art in the most advantageous way.

When hanging disparate or unusually shaped pieces in multiples, think in terms of a grid. Start in the middle and work your way out.

Images such as the former, demonstrate just how highly personal pieces can be displayed in an inexpensive and quirky fashion. The majority of interiors featured here are more modern than any other design persuasion. Modern styling lends itself to that which is alternative, offbeat or whimsical. Modern styling, like art, can be almost anything the individual envisages and unlike classical or formed design philosophies, has not the demand for certainty in styling (that is to say the use of those pieces born out of a particular era or period, which are by their antique nature, expensive).

The epitome of high impact/ low cost, this cute concept requires not a handyman or a critic. All that is required is a selection of coat hangers in a choice of blonde or dark wood (or metal if the theme of the room dictates) and a rough idea of what types of images might be displayed.

Don't go it alone. Hang art when you have a helper to hold art against the wall so you can visualize what it will look like before hanging. Also, another pair of hands comes in handy when hanging big pieces. Advertisement

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