Beautiful Bedrooms Perfect for Lounging All Day

Beautiful Bedrooms Perfect for Lounging All Day

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, there must be a place where you retreat at the end of every day. A bedroom should be a place that celebrates the owners own personal style. A place to sleep, to dream, to relax and sometimes a place to spend the day lounging, reading, recharging. The bedrooms in this post all offer a unique design that is comforting, beautiful, and inspiring.

The tones in this bedroom are warm and welcoming, making it easy to fall asleep fast but perhaps not as easy to leave the bed in the morning.

In a sleek, modern example this bedroom uses a blend of colors and neutrals to create a gorgeous palette. Advertisement

A man - no matter what his age - needs a space to call his own. This masculine bedroom in dark grays and silvery accessories belie a love of cars, machines, and all things manly.

This pretty bedroom uses the natural sunlight to create a lovely zen feeling, perfect for saluting the sun without ever geting up.

The colors and patterns mixed together in this one room space are playful and stylish.

A polka dot duvet brings a pop of funky fun into this white, feminine bedroom.

When your bed faces the great outdoors, it can be so tempting to stay and watch from sunrise to sunset.

The creative sculpture that grows out of this bedroom's headboard might make you feel like you're sleeping in a futuristic jungle. Advertisement

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