Beautiful Scandinavian Home

Beautiful Scandinavian Home

White is often preferred by people for its clean, fresh and crisp ambiance. Though it is often difficult to find furniture pieces that totally go with the color, Daniel Bergman and his partner Niklas Hansen have done a wonderful job on this beautiful scandinavian home. By having personally decoratedâ the house with accessories of warm earth tones, memories of trips and friends in black and white and colorful carpets they have made it appetizing to the senses.

white dining room

Dining Room

scandinavian white living room book shelf

Living Room

white bed room

Bed room (With the cozy atmosphere and soft fluffy pillows, who wouldn't want to give in? )

scandinavian bed room cabinet

rare collection-black leather tray vietnam

The black leather tray here holds some rare collectibles likethe h 55-ashtray by Stig Lindberg, tin sculpture from Svenskt Tenn, box dragonflies from Vietnam, Buddha's hand from Thailand (Odd, is it just me or does the hand have an eerie resemblence to the one from Adams Family!) and Buddha from China.


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