The Big List Of Self-Watering Planters For Stylish Gardening Anywhere

The Big List Of Self-Watering Planters For Stylish Gardening Anywhere

Well-maintained plants are a necessity in the garden, but they can make an immediate and unforgettable impact on indoor environments as well. The problem is that decorative houseplants require a level of upkeep that ordinary decor just doesn't - plants need sunlight, nutrients, and just the right amount of water. And don't forget unique pots & planters to help them fit into your interior! This post describes thirty of our favorite self-watering planter designs that look great indoors and take the pain out of trying to keep your plants topped up with just the right amount of moisture. Time for some serious indoor garden inspiration!

Puro All-In-One: This planter set contains everything necessary to get started, including a water level indicator and planter granules. Imagine what a neat housewarming gift this set could be! This design would be perfect for a modern minimalist.

Lechuza Delta: Smooth lines direct the eye toward your painstakingly curated indoor garden. Nobody will know these beauties are self-watering. Advertisement

Mkono Watering Planter: For those who want an even more inconspicuous self-watering planter, these options from Mkono look just like your average ceramic pots. These are available in three sizes, and each one comes with a pot, an inner basket, and a wick to distribute the moisture.

Thumbs-Up Life Pod: Are you looking for a planter that will work for your small interior? Wall-mounted planters might be the perfect solution!

Living Wall Planters: Self-watering wall planters are great because you can easily hang or remove them for watering without having to worry about getting drips on the wall or carpet.

Lechuza Windowsill Planters: Designed to mimic the shape of traditional windowsill planters, these self-watering pots make it easy to provide the best possible environment for your flowers or kitchen herbs.

Deltini Self-Watering Planter: At just 7 inches high, this compact planter can spruce up any stylish niche. It's completely watertight so you don't have to worry about messing up expensive furniture.

Self-Watering Windowbox: Here's a little something for the outdoors! This windowbox allows plants to thrive for days even in the driest of weather. Advertisement

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