Bird Home Decor: Beautiful Bird Figurines To Decorate Your Home

Bird Home Decor: Beautiful Bird Figurines To Decorate Your Home

Birds have a long and colorful history as a decorative motif - from cave paintings and ancient hieroglyphs, to medieval tapestries and ornate Victorian wallpapers. These beautiful animals have graced homes with their elegance for many centuries, and will always have their own special place in the world of interior design. We've collected 40 of the most interesting bird figures from all over the world and in every shape and size - ranging from simple decorative ornaments to useful homeware and beyond. If you're looking for a gift for the ornithologist or figurine collector in your life, this guide is for you!

Owls are symbols of wisdom, beauty, protection, insight, and mystery, yet these elegant birds mean something different to everybody who loves them. These fuzzy little owls have lifelike appeal and a big personality. Each owl is 4′ high and ideal for decorating year round.

Sweet, soft, and detailed - this hanging owl would fit right into any Harry Potter themed home decor! Advertisement

These miniature birds pack an incredible amount of detail into a petit and versatile form. At four inches long and one inch tall, these birds are ideal for use in crafts like wreaths and dried flower arrangements.

Do you have a friend who just can't stop talking about Twitter, or suspect you might be “ that friend” yourself? Introducing Ollie, Twitter's loveable mascot brought to life as a super-cute collectable. Ollie stands 4-inches tall and arrives in a windowed box ready for display.

Murano glass collectors and birdwatchers alike are sure to love these colorful little gems. Handmade in Italy and encompassing an incredible range of colors, these lovely chickadees would brighten any space. Just look at those curious happy faces!

This hand made glass hummingbird figurine would add beauty to any mantle, desk or window sill you place it on.

Elegant and functional - these porcelain spice holders feature powerful magnets that allow them to adhere to the curved metal rack as if defying gravity.

These sculptural bird-inspired salt and pepper shakers were designed by the team at Jonathan Adler as part of the Menagerie Collection, a diverse range of wildlife figures pared down to their most basic forms. The beautiful box makes this collection perfect for gifting. Advertisement

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Beautiful Bird Figurines To Decorate Your Home.

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