Boys' Room Designs: Ideas & Inspiration

Boys' Room Designs: Ideas & Inspiration

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it's not! Not anymore. The earth-circling, Lex Luthor fighting hero has been largely replaced by the web-spinning, wall-scaling Spiderman, but such are the preoccupations of little boys: fleeting and ever-changing. What does seem to be eternal however, is an attraction to red, white and blue, and combination of colors such as these, is often a good place to start when conceptualizing the room of a child. Among these images from Pottery Barn and Pure Deco this color palette features repeatedly. For those style conscious parents whose homes are both a relaxing escape and a source of pride, a nautical, plaid, gingham, or sporting theme (with chocolate brown accents) could easily exist within a home with an altogether, more sophisticated feel.

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Ideas & Inspiration.

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