Converted Industrial Spaces Becomes Gorgeous and Spacious Apartments

Converted Industrial Spaces Becomes Gorgeous and Spacious Apartments

It is one thing to create a home from scratch, placing every wall and window exactly where you want it to be. But when a designer is tasked with creating a beautiful home from what was once a desolate industrial warehouse it is quite another thing. More and more as we realize that the space on our earth is finite and that it does not always make sense to tear down a perfectly good building, we are seeing these types of warm industrial conversions or at least imaginings of them. In this post, we are features four industrial-inspired apartments that take some harsh elements like exposed brick and concrete and create homes that are not just liveable but amazing.

The first space has turned its supports into design elements, using a column style that speaks to elegance rather than industry. The vaulted ceiling and oversized windows make the space feel wide open while a brick ceiling and concrete floor ensure plenty of extravagant echoes. The division between spaces in this particular design are very fluid and barely perceptible, but carefully placed rugs and furniture does give some semblance of separate rooms.

Modern Home Plan

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