Cool Beds To Climb!

Cool Beds To Climb!

With space being of constant concern in many of our compact homes, or in open plan residences where everything is on show all of the time, may be it's time to think vertical. Beds are one of the largest pieces of furniture we're ever likely to own, they take up a huge amount of floor area but they are not something we can do without, and with many modern families fragmenting across the country-or even the globe- with evolving career choices, the availability of sleeping quarters for visiting family members has gathered utmost importance. With all of this in mind, some clever designers have taken beds skyward, revealing extra living space, or creating huge invaluable storage areas… and let's face it, everyone wanted the top bunk as a kid!

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From Coastal Cave House of French Designer Alexandre de Betak Bunk beds have come a long way in recent years, taking on many different shapes and forms. These foldaway Lollisoft IN bunks offer a neat solution for occasional guest sleeping arrangements, slipping away quickly, discreetly, and very stylishly, when no longer desired for use.

Via The Selby Bunks aren't just single spaces, large mezzanines can be created to house double or even king sized mattresses. Looking down over your own little kingdom, a sleeping loft takes on the feel of a grown up tree house, just make sure you can't fall out as there'll be no grass to soften the bump to Earth!

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