Customizable Letter Shelves

Customizable Letter Shelves

Whilst scoping out some fun shelving solutions here, the ANITA range by Ricard Mollon popped up and spelled out 'hello'! These thermoformed acrylic letterforms can help you say a lot about your home, quite literally; available in floor standing size, or smaller versions for your wall, each letter is sold individually to allow you the freedom to put things in your own words. Available at Quattria, these typographical beauties stand right on trend, with many of us now displaying decorative keywords like 'Love' and 'Home' in our abodes, and the emergence of fantastic ranges like the font based storage by Set26, the Tabisso chairs and lamps, and Fontable 2D letter tables. We're not sure how cool these transparent forms would look if you crammed your entire book collection onto them, but as a design feature they are pretty nifty; stack high and au naturel as a room divider, or appreciate as a debris free statement piece. The three dimensional characters could even work singularly as bedside tables, use your initial to claim your side of the bed, or in the TV room next to the best seat in the house! Consider grouping photo frames on the word 'FAMILY', a collection of retro keepsakes on 'TOYS', or a sculptural feature on 'ART', the possibilities are endless! Do we really need to spell it out for you?

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