Cute Little Apartment in Poland

Cute Little Apartment in Poland

The masterminds behind this cute, little apartment in Poznan, Poland, are mode:lina, a Polish architecture firm that was inspired to create an apartment for guests visiting the city for the Poznan International Fair. As a result, they ended up with an apartment that combines elements reminiscent of the accommodating design fixtures of a hotel and the cozy environment of someone's actual apartment. The designers also gave themselves an additional challenge - to use affordable, replaceable furniture. They turned to IKEA, which added to the uncomplicated, understated tone of the apartment.

What I particularly appreciated were the quotations printed across the walls in some of the rooms, all urging guests to relax and reboot.

A balcony offers guests a little outdoor escape. Advertisement

The bathroom is as accommodating as that of a hotel's.

Touches of decoration add to the homey vibe.

The quotes on the walls are constant reminders that someone is always caring for the guests.

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