Design Inspiration For Small Apartments (Less Than 600 square feet)

Design Inspiration For Small Apartments (Less Than 600 square feet)

It's a small world they say, and so are many of our apartments! This article explores a couple of homes that have a dinky floor plan that comes in below 600 square feet, offering plenty of wonderful inspiration for those of us revamping the interiors of our modestly proportioned homes.

Our first small apartment design is a London pad, measuring 521 square feet, or 48 square meters. Two large windows help out here by filling the compact space with natural light, but the dé cor scheme helps things along with an airy, bright palette.

Scattered dark accents are present to give the overall look some weight, and prevent the result from appearing bland. Advertisement

Two different colored sofas add interest and make the space seem larger than is actual.

A low level coffee table gives the homeowner a place to rest a selection of books and decorative items without the space looking overcrowded.

The dining table has been pushed up flush against the back of the sofa to save space whilst still allowing for a more formal eating arrangement that does avoids perching on the sofa with dinners on laps.

The white kitchen fade away into the pale wall, but the backsplash has been picked out in a rich dark wood tone.

Lighting is kept small and simple.

The bedroom takes on an industrial feel with free hanging bulbs on reams of cable. The walls are kept free from clutter. Advertisement

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