Eclectic Bachelor Retreat

Eclectic Bachelor Retreat

With this industrial loft, Russia-based design firm Nordes has created a truly masculine urban retreat that any bachelor would be happy to call home. While keeping many of the staunchly industrial elements, including exposed beams and bare walls, the carefully curated furnishings and bold décor make the space a home. It may go without saying that this one room loft is not intended for children, but it still manages to include plenty of playfulness - of the adult variety.

A soft leather sofa folds out and takes the apartment from entertaining space to bedroom quickly without sacrificing style.

The sunny dining area centers around a large, heavy table that uses various industrial elements, including a top made from reclaimed wood. Red metal chairs add a subtle pop of color to a mostly neutral room. A clever folding wall can hide the kitchen if so desired, or can be kept open, creating an interesting, angular awning.

Modern Home Plan

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