Elephant Home Decor: 50 Elephant Figurines & Home Accessories

Elephant Home Decor: 50 Elephant Figurines & Home Accessories

Elephants are loved for their gentle and wise nature, respected by cultures all over the world - popular symbolism often represents elephants as an embodiment of strength, stamina, patience, memory, family, and so much more. Thanks to these qualities, elephant-themed decor is filled with hidden inner meaning and makes a great gift idea for a friend who shares any of the traits that make these fascinating animals so iconic. This list has something for every style ranging from minimalist modern to art deco and beyond. Don't forget to check out our list of bird figurines if elephants aren't your thing!

Do you recognize this famous design? Charles and Ray Eames created this toy elephant in 1945 but never put the concept into mass production. Now, the iconic plywood design has been translated to kid-friendly plastic and serves as a fun seat any young child is sure to love. The Eames Elephant is appropriate for use indoors or out.

Those looking for something a little smaller and more nostalgic might be interested in the miniature version, realized in the original plywood style. The ultimate gift for mid-century design enthusiasts! Advertisement

Rosendahl figurines are highly collectible and known for their exceptional quality - and this wooden elephant has played a role in continuing that beloved tradition since its design by Kay Bojesen in 1951.

This puzzle isn't difficult because of the number of components, but because of the creative problem-solving required to fit the seven simple pieces together in just the right way. The Wodibow Mastodont Olaf is a winner of both the European Red Dot and A'Design Awards, crafted in Spain from 100% natural products.

Kumiki is the Japanese term for wooden craft - or in this case, a gorgeous wooden brain teaser puzzle. This piece would make a wonderful gift for puzzle enthusiasts with a taste for simple design.

Pose this gorgeous elephant according to your mood! David Weeks Studio created Hattie the Elephant to spark creativity and imagination through interactive design. Hattie is crafted from sustainably harvested beech wood joined together by elastic bands for flexibility.

Designed by Gunnar Flø rning and Harry Vedø e, this adorable elephant looks just as charming and modern as it did when originally released in 1961.

Mother and calf intertwine their trunks in a sweet embrace, too tender for words. This design is made from durable cast resin with a detailed and realistic wood finish. Advertisement

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50 Elephant Figurines & Home Accessories.

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