Exquisite Wall Coverings from China

Exquisite Wall Coverings from China

This compilation of beautiful wall coverings shows an exquisite range of Chinese influenced murals, featuring cherry blossomed landscapes, hummingbirds and butterflies, alongside large floral wall decals, and sophisticated fleur-de-lis motif wallpapers. Some are renders but they still give you a pretty good idea of how they influence the mood of a room.

Nature imagery provides a perfect backdrop in any room of the house; appearing almost as a window to the outdoors when hung behind a dining set, and acting as a softening element when placed behind banks of entertainment equipment and newfangled TV units, in a modern living room. Advertisement

Pictures of flowers or trees work particularly well as a serene boudoir theme, especially when depicted in soft brush stroke style.

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Via ruixi.tmall.com

Video: Exquisite Wall Coverings from China.


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