Fresh Neutral Interior Design Schemes from Katarzyna Kraszewska

Fresh Neutral Interior Design Schemes from Katarzyna Kraszewska

Hand picked from the impressive portfolio of designer Katarzyna Kraszewska, this collection of crisp neutral décor ideas and calming room schemes is perfect for creating understated style throughout your home.

This dining room scheme uses light neutrals over the walls and light fittings with heavy base notes of brown-black across the furniture for drama, whilst the bedroom below flips the concept by using deep chocolate brown around the perimeter and keeps the large furnishings pale. Advertisement

In a stark scheme, subtle wall decals can add much needed interest in an unobtrusive manner.

Wall art can also be used to add depth and weight to an insipid scheme, choose a piece with dramatic proportions and plenty of rich tones for the biggest impact.

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Fuss free layouts get a hit of added freshness with the addition of lush greenery.

Soft creamy tones sandwiches an ebony stripe across the expanse of this dining space.

This scheme uses a striking slash of original color to offset the enveloping tranquility.

Glossy finishes really lift a single hued scheme by reflecting light and adding a little glamor and sparkle; think about introducing other textures too, they will keep a plain room scheme from becoming predictable.

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