House with a Pool Inside!

House with a Pool Inside!

Recognized for its history, culture, gastronomy and architecture, Palemero is a historic city in Italy. Founded by Phoenicians about 2, 700 years ago, this city houses various delightful edifices from historic times.

Situated here, is this spectacular house with a pool inside! Pristine white interiors and immaculately placed furniture gives this house a warm homey feel. With the pool inside, the house seems complete.

The moroseness of a single color, though insignificant has been balanced with an intelligent use of tasteful fixtures and their setting.

An eye for detail has given this house a lot of definition. Adorned with beautiful pictures and artifacts, this house with a pool, is a natural winner!

Indoor pool house

Indoor pool house- pool inside

Indoor pool house- partial pool view

Indoor pool house- living room

Indoor pool house- bathroom

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