IKEA Catalog Covers from 1951-2015

IKEA Catalog Covers from 1951-2015

Bit of an IKEA enthusiast? We are pretty sure you would enjoy this then. With a huge chunk of help from IKEA Communication's copywriters we have put together a list of covers of every single catalog that has come out of the Swedish furniture giant since 1951. Scroll down to see a bit of history!

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Some of the latest catalogs are of course available for download on Home Designing and you can find the links for them below.

IKEA 2015 Catalog IKEA 2014 Catalog IKEA 2013 Catalog IKEA 2012 Catalog IKEA 2011 Catalog Older IKEA Catalogs

Video: IKEA Catalog Covers from 1951 2015.


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