Kitchen Cabinetry in a New Light

Kitchen Cabinetry in a New Light

It is rare that we consider kitchen cabinetry to be an additional source of light, but that may just be the defining characteristic of these compositions from Leicht, Germany. Recessed spot and down-lighting is maximized by the reflective nature of high gloss lacquering and aluminum shelving, which is incorporated into a clean, modular aesthetic that lends itself to the covert demands of kitchen storage. Leicht also demonstrates a willingness to experiment with bold colors, either in the application of lacquered segments or in feature walls that serve as a dramatic backdrop for the units, and whether you love or hate it, it certainly contributes to the individuality of the space.

In a departure from a sleek faç ade that has not the need for handles, the cabinets featured in this image are altogether more reminiscent of a French farmhouse kitchen, albeit still a modern interpretation. The choice in flooring supports the exposed industrial display of the kitchen utensils, which hang atop a meeting of worktop and wall. It is interesting that Leicht has decided not to isolate the worktop in the typical kitchen island fashion, but viewers will notice the openness and sizable impression of the space, just as they will, the way in which this allows the honest flooring material to be showcased in its best light. Advertisement

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