Kitchens with Contrast

Kitchens with Contrast

This tasty trip through five kitchens, visualized by Artem Evstigneev, features areas of high contrast within countertop sectioning, unit selections, and indeed between the two. A safe kitchen layout can be completely transformed with a simple addition of tone.

Small cubbies look great when picked out in a vibrant color, especially when nestled amongst a run of fresh white units. The base units in this design have been selected in a dark wood tone to give the overall design weight and depth.

The use of two contrasting materials for the countertop allows zoning and differentiates the work bench from the dining bar.

A freestanding look is achieved in this kitchen, where a wooden crockery sideboard holds twin cookers. The wooden elements of the room are freshened by white cabinets, worktops and fridge-freezer.

Modern Home Plan

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Video: 인테리어 디자인 ❤ Unique High Contrast Small Vintage Kitchen ❤ 룸 언니가 간다 아이디어.


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