Landscaping Inspiration: Hilton Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

Landscaping Inspiration: Hilton Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

TROP, acronym for terrains+open spaces is a Thailand based landscape architectural design studio that has given Hilton a veryâ aestheticallyâ pleasing angle. The pictures reveal meters of blue waters that blend into the Gulf of Thailand. The space immediately wants you to get off your shoes and lie down, simply to relax and unwind. In between busy work schedules, this space will definitely want you to grab a few moments of solace. Imagine yourself sitting here and watching the sun go down…

The images below concoct a picture of time spent in harmony where the lapping of waters soothe your senses and fresh air around wafts through easing your mind, body and spirit.

blue waters brown shore

sandy floors white couches

vast watery spaces

the shore in light

fruits on trees

swimming pool and shore bar

the blue oasis

the hilton swimming area

shore at hilton pataya

blue world at hilton

chilling inside a sea shell

hiltons reflection blue waters

snail inside swimming pool

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Video: Landscaping Inspiration Hilton Hotel Pattaya Thailand.

Hilton Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand.

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