Living Rooms With Skylights

Living Rooms With Skylights

The architects of the homes below know the power of the skylight in harnessing the sun and flooding a space with dazzling natural light. Strategically placed, these stunning architectural elements bring the beauty of the outdoors inside while providing natural light throughout the home.

A beautiful courtyard filled with climbing vines, brilliant-hued plants and varying shades of greenery is brought to life by a skylight and accompanying plate glass windows. The natural design elements within the space meld organically with the indoor garden and outdoors beyond.

With the ultimate use of natural light in mind, designers Artenid created this contemporary home with a wall of windows spanning the living room and a grid of skylights spanning the width of the room. White marble was used throughout the space to bounce light deeper into the home's interior.

This home by architect George Nijland shows how skylights can be used to provide natural light in longer spaces with very few windows.

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