Modern Bath Tub Designs

Modern Bath Tub Designs

We came across Italian master spa makers Teuko and were awestruck seeing what they had to offer in bathtub design. The concepts are masterful, design exquisite and the execution brilliant.

Talucci Designs was responsible for the Seaside bath tub design and it is based on the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire:

Water: The illuminated waterfall flows in a ribbon of light Air: The delicate blower disperses millions of tiny bubbles Earth: The seating area is raised and enjoys a gentle intrusion of subtle waves Fire: The underwater light and temperature controlled heater keeps the spa cosy in colder climates.

floor bath tub

bath tub faucets

bath tub faucets

bath tub

The Seaside is just one design. They got plenty more. See below:

bath tub layout

circular bath tub

modern bath tub

Bath tub design

Bath tub



bath tub faucets

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Video: Contemporary Bathtub Designs.


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