Modern Bathroom Inspiration

Modern Bathroom Inspiration

Good modern design is to be found in a clear concept, a corresponding and consistent theme, precise execution and a commitment to an interior philosophy, and while this will inevitably produce an impressive and credible space it may not satisfy the inhabitant in every way. Few professional interior designers endorse different styles in every room of the house, but the opportunity to experiment with individuality comes with spaces private in nature. Bathrooms lend themselves to personalization due to the function they serve. A bathroom should be a place where an individual, alone and at rest, feels completely comfortable, content and calm, no matter what image the greater space endeavors to project. Here are the ones that caught our attention lately.

In the spirit of highly individual design, the 'Be Yourself' contest, brainchild of industry leaders, challenged visualizers to create the ultimate bathroom. This concept by Deluxe Home Creation Studio was the viewer's favorite and it's not difficult to see why. However, starting with images of grandeur is not such a bad idea. Even for a personal/ residential project it is possible to gain inspiration from images such as these and scale them down to fit comfortably within standard spaces, keeping elements such as a simple water feature or simulated rain shower as part of the fundamental ideal.

Modern Home Plan

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Here are some modern accessories that will help your bathroom truly stand out:

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Video: Ultra Modern Bathroom Designs - minimalist bathroom - master bathroom ideas design.


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Modern Bathroom Inspiration

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