Multipurpose Furniture for Modern Spaces

Multipurpose Furniture for Modern Spaces

Hard working, highly functional multipurpose furniture is any modern design lover's dream. Especially nice for space-challenged urbanites, these transformative pieces from Resource Furniture will make hectic modern lifestyles a bit easier to manage.

Graphically speaking the geometric artwork above the work station is pretty cool. Functionally speaking the pull-down bed behind is even cooler. A teen will never be short on sleepover space for friends.

Little girls need plenty of space to spread their wings and play. This modular unit with pull-down twin bunk provides just that. Advertisement

Living room by day. Bedroom by night. Who would have thought the tiny ledge above the sofa would become a support for the bed behind?

Forget the Murphy beds of yesterday, this modern day version is so much cooler. It magically flips out to a queen size contemporary bed with headboard.

A seriously small console table expands to a dining table for 10. Simply amazing!

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