Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Sparkly, twinkling, traditional and modern; Christmas decorations are beautiful both indoors and outside! This collection focuses on the latter, showing stunning doorstep scenes, winter wonderland tidbits, and full-on holiday madness!

Iconic Christmas items are sweet in miniature form. Put a collection together, combining little parcels, pine cones and traditional lanterns for a built-up layered look.

A traditional Christmas door would not be complete without an evergreen wreath, complete with frost.

String lights are an absolute must to illuminate your winter wonderland in twinkling majesty.

Decorate the head of your pathway cheaply with recycled mason jars, they make perfect candle holders that also shield the flame from the wind, and the legs of passersby. Complete with a few surrounding springs of evergreen, they will look pretty whilst helping to hold the candle steady.

Exterior pillars look stunning with a twist of garland.

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Video: 10 Awesome outdoor christmas decorations ideas.


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