Photo Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Photo Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Now you can capture that favorite memory of yours and put it up for everyone to see. No, it is not pictures that we are talking about. These are photo tile murals which can be customized according to your likings and be put anywhere in the house.

Okhyo has got rather innovative with these photo tiles. Have waterfalls or blue lagoons inside your bathroom for a holiday feel. Or have your favorite destinations printed on tiles and be stuck into your living room. They act as lovely reminders of the lovely time gone by.

Have as many variations as you like. For starters, we have compiled a decent collection of kitchen tile photos and bathroom tile photos.

waterfall bathroom tiles

green bath waterfal tiles

blue lagoon tiles

green red apple kitchen tiles

sun and sea tiles

yellow car tiles

sand and stone tiles

highway in the kitchen tiles

zebra hall tiles


Video: Kitchen wall tiles design photos.


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