Pink and Blue Themed Kids' Rooms (No Kidding!)

Pink and Blue Themed Kids' Rooms (No Kidding!)

Brace your eyes for some color overload! The following pink and blue kids' rooms photos are the outcome of South Korean photographer Jeong Mee Yoon's latest photography project. His inspiration comes from his daughter's obsession with the color pink. The photoshooot includes rooms of other like minded kids who share a passion for either pink or blue. It is pretty safe to say that not every kid or parent can/want to emulate these, but here goes the snaps anyway…

baby boy blue room

cute girl pink room

blue little boy room

pink barbie girls room

blue rock star room

pink cute girls room

blue superman room

pink pixie girls room

Blue themed boy' s room

pink princess room

blue toddlers room

pink shy princess room

blue boy room

candy pink-girl' s room

If you have not been blinded yet, here is some variety.:) [Via]

Video: Pink and Blue Themed Kids’ Rooms No Kidding!.


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