Product Of The Week: Click & Grow Smart Garden

Product Of The Week: Click & Grow Smart Garden

In this age, it may not always be feasible for everyone to own a piece of land where they can grow plants. The Click & Grow Herb garden gives an efficient indoor alternative for those struggling to find space with switchable cartridges that allow you to grow fresh herbs, tomatoes, wild straw berries among many others. Here is how it works: Just plug in the planter, install cartridges, add a little water and enjoy watching your plants grow and thrive. The smart garden has built-in water level, smart soil and light sensors that make sure the plants get enough water, oxygen and nutrients.



click and grow refill

There are several options for refills.

indoor plants

You can get in on Amazon here.

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Video: ROBOT GARDEN! Unboxing the Click and Grow smart herb garden.

Click & Grow Smart Garden.

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