Red Bedrooms

Red Bedrooms

Red is thought of as the color of passion, of vitality, love, and even, danger. Unarguably, it is the most noticeable and vibrant of colors and is not limited to where it can be incorporated. Whether it be fashion or interior decor, red is a favorite everywhere and here, we can see how it can be incorporated effectively in modern and new ways, into sleeping quarters. And if you tend to agree with red being the color of passion and love, then you will find it quite appropriate for your bedroom.

Design by Zaib. This ultra modern red bedroom, is accessorized with light panels, unique red vases, and rectangular pendant lights. The intensity of the red and brown colors are relieved by the cream colored pillows and floors.

Design By Coudamy Design. This Parisian firm which designs everything from sets to architecture to furniture, seeks to redefine design and “ give posture to an aesthetic diversity.” This red and white bed is attached to a matching shelf display. We think this would be especially effective as a space saver or even for a child's bedroom. Advertisement

Also by ZigShot82. This bedroom uses a softer shade of red, and incorporates a lighter shade of wood to give off a more tranquil vibe. A beautiful office and closet area are included.

The design is by Italian company Bonaldo, which likes to combine true Italian style with modern, contemporary trends.

Design by Hulsta. We admire the soft wood that permeates most of this red bedroom. The red here, only appears in a few pops, in the carpet and pillows and blanket.

Design By ZigShot82. This red bedroom has a touch of Asian style with graphic prints on the bed and dresser, and simple, clean lines.

Design by San Samuel. This ultra modern red and white bedroom is accented by dark wooden wall panels and matching floor. The red banner with a graphic white design running across the wall, opens up the space even more.

This quirky red and white bedroom, incorporates heart cut out designs throughout. We think it's perfect for a young girl's bedroom. Advertisement

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