Red Dot Award Winning Workspace Design

Red Dot Award Winning Workspace Design

Italian company Techno recently won the Red Dot award for a new concept workplace system it developed along with Pierandrei Associati.

The idea behind.Beta workplace system. was to build a work environment that reflects the contemporary needs of creative worker bees based on how they behave and operate in this day in this age on a daily basis. The system is basically comprised of desks, containers (storage also used as dividers) and accessories. Going beyond the ergonomics of furniture in supporting ones physiological health, their research set forth to establish multi-functional interactive workstations that comfortably provide room for meeting, working, storage and relaxation! This open floor plan also maximizes and stimulates the flow of energy throughout which create organic pockets of room for micro conferences and lounge areas.

One concern raised was the privacy/ noise factor. But if you are the kind of person who doesn't mind open spaces at work, you would love this!


Video: Red Dot Award Winning Workspace Design.


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