Remodeled Californian Home

Remodeled Californian Home

Located in Burlingame, California, this home is the beautiful Eichler residence remodel, by San Francisco based firm Klopf Architecture. The unimposing single story structure holds a stunning sophisticated open plan living space, and surrounds a central contemporary courtyard.

The open plan scheme and glazed walls allow the homeowner to see each area of their home without obstruction, yet the staggered layout creates an interesting dynamic that is incredibly welcoming and prevents the house from appearing as an open soulless slab. Advertisement

Rich autumnal browns decorate the lounge area, bringing warmth to the white surrounds. The garden can be seen beyond the glazed wall, which brings in a swathe of luscious green.

Out in the central courtyard, modern outdoor furniture and low wicker chairs make this a place to sit and gather with friends and family.

A solitary planted tree creates drama with a burst of vibrant color.

The same gray flooring runs inside and out, making the courtyard feel like just another sociable room of the home.

A small column, disguised as a modest shelving unit, creates a subtle divide between the kitchen, lounge and dining zones. Advertisement

Modern Home Plan

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