Saving Space at Home - Some Ideas

Saving Space at Home - Some Ideas

With properties getting smaller and smaller, what solutions are out there to free up the floor area? We take a look a some space saving heroes…

This pull-out dining design, by Alno, may look like a lightweight worktop extender, but features sturdy seats that can cope with loads up to 100 kilograms and a very generously sized table top that simply slides away after dinner.

Many modern abodes enjoy mini mezzanine living areas, but what about all of that unutilized space that lurks beneath? This bed that can be hidden under raised floor space is a perfect addition. Advertisement

Above 3 via Get the Point

A similar, sideways solution by m-dept

Folding beds have been around since the dawn of the Murphy Bed in 1918, but what about a bed that appears not from a wall closet, but from the ceiling? The 'BedUp' does just that!

Modern Home Plan

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Also check out these inspiring videos of transforming furniture from ResourceFurniture.

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