Scandinavian Style City Living

Scandinavian Style City Living

If you are tired of clutter and fuss, try some Scandinavian zen, as rendered by the guys at digital production company Industriromantik. The Swedish studio has produced these images and videos on behalf of Skanska New Homes, for their property developments in the heart of Stockholm, and we think they're a perfect solution for slick city living.

In true Scandinavian style the walls remain a vast white canvas, on which colorful splashes of modern art and interesting prints are hung to add zest and personality. Furniture upholstery also adds to the Swedish paint box, along with carefully arranged books and ceramics; accessories are kept neat and tidy to retain the uncomplicated look, and the pale scheme successfully reflects the generous amounts of natural light for an ultra sharp result.

The essential wooden flooring is warmed with rugs, and modern furniture is clean lined and contemporary, softened by throws and plump contrasting cushions.

Kitchens and bathrooms are sleek and streamlined, and all space is used to it's maximum potential with clever storage. Advertisement

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Video: Scandinavian Style City Living.


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