Secret Places Inside Homes!

Secret Places Inside Homes!

Though quite uncommon it is not entirely outrageous for people to have covert hidden places inside their home. These places sometimes act as a panic room that keeps the inhabitants of the home secure during an emergency. But more often it is for the sheer thrill of having a secret niche within their homes that makes people design these spaces. Here are a few such secret places that we uncovered!

A very notable firm that does business in this line is Creative Home Engineering. They have an impressive array of hidden passageways, book cases that coceal secret routes and many ways to cover up secret rooms.

hidden passageway


hidden passageway

Here is another trick bookcase!





It is not just wine cellars or passages that people want to hide. We don't know why but some people do not want to show off their Porsches.

Porsche in Porch



Having hidden places may be fun, but we shudder at what could happen to a person if they fall into one such place accidentally.

Living room secret place

living room hidden

Video: 10 Strangest Secret Rooms Found In Homes.


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