Small Home With Smart Use of Space, Taiwan

Small Home With Smart Use of Space, Taiwan

Not all homes have the luxury of abundant space to grow and spread out in, especially when residing in a major city. But even with space lacking, there are ways you can design and layout your living space that makes it appear larger and increases functionality. You can include major furniture pieces and still add extra storage. You don't have to compromise on whether or not you can have an office space because if you use the space well, you can have both a full bedroom and office. This home in Taiwan designed by Folk Design, shows an excellent use of a small living space.

This modern office space quickly becomes a bedroom retreat with a Murphy bed hiding in the wall. It is a smart use of the space as even when the bed is set up, you're still able to function in the office without interference. Advertisement

The space is used so well, there is even room for a small pet.

What really helps keep this space open and efficient is the use of minimal design and clean lines. The furniture chosen also opens the space because instead of a clunky, enclosed desk, they opted for a fully functional table desk. The built-in shelving also provides ample storage without taking away square footage.

The table desk design is impressive with hidden storage areas that can be used to provide extra shelves and a place to keep tissues without having a bulky box sitting on top. It keeps the desk top clean and clutter free which again only helps to make the space appear bigger than what it really is.

Modern Home Plan

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A home doesn't have to be large to have multiple uses. It also doesn't have to be clutter some or closed off. You can keep a space open and bright if you give it the right design.

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