Stylish Scandinavian Apartment in Murmansk

Stylish Scandinavian Apartment in Murmansk

The reality of any living space is often quite different from the pictures presented in books on on blogs. In this Scandinavian apartment, from designer Denis Krasikov, has the distinction of looking lived in while still appearing picture perfect.

This first image gives us a beautiful overview of the open apartment and it's bright white walls and ceiling.

Accessories like a chevron stripe throw and gray striped pillows are comfortable and complementary. Advertisement

Using snarky quotes in stark relief gives the living room a massive personality.

This artsy end table is a colorful focal point in an otherwise neutral color scheme.

Vertical striped curtains in combination with the white walls makes the room feel huge and tall.

An artistic mirror sits at the entrance to the apartment with a lovely typographical accent.

The dining area faces the kitchen, just like at a modern restaurant.

The perfect amount of seating for an artsy couple and a friend or two. Advertisement

Modern Home Plan

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