Super-Colorful Bedroom Ideas for Kids and Teens

Super-Colorful Bedroom Ideas for Kids and Teens

To a kid, a room isn't just a place to sleep - it's a place to laugh, play, grow, and discover. It's a safe and comfortable place, where the imagination feels free to wander. It's no wonder these precious rooms tend to get so messy! But in the end, all that time spent creating the perfect environment is effort well-spent. Are you looking for a few cool ways to freshen up a room for your youngest and most rambunctious family members? This is the place to start. These rooms for kids and teens offer realistic design ideas that range from smart storage to kid-friendly furniture and even creative color themes.

Teal and yellow make for a very refreshing color palette, especially with the occasional pop of pink as a playful touch.

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf makes sure all important study supplies are well within reach. Glossy cabinetry offers private stash spots - and a hidden Murphy bed blends right in.

Tucked into an alcove, the extra-deep sofa doubles as a daybed or a guest bed.

At night, the glossy white surfaces take on a more comfortable and relaxing tone bestowed by the soft glow of Light Bean lamps from Moscow-based designer Katerina Kopytina.

It's easy to see how teal and yellow could work just as well in a room for a boy as it does for a girl, playful enough for youngsters and sophisticated enough for older teens too.

A hidden walk-in closet takes advantage of indirect lighting for a luxurious showroom effect.

This bright bedroom is the work of architectural engineer Maggi Samir, based in Egypt. Her children's room concepts are out of this world! This one features joyful shades of orange, blue, and lime - a flexible color scheme for kids of any age.

The bunk bed layout is extra impressive - a staircase made out of useful cubbies and drawers leads to the top. Not only does it provide ample storage space, it's a slightly safer way to carry books, blankets, and teddy bears to bed compared to dragging them up a ladder.

This shot does a good job of showing off the versatility of the bunk bed. It sleeps two kids comfortably - and it's easy to accommodate sleepovers with the hidden trundle bed beneath!

Another fun bedroom concept from Maggi Samir, featuring hot pink and lime with sleek modern decor and a strong pop art attitude. Bold patterns make this space seem full of life and laughter.

The chrome-and-pink pendant lamp brings all the decor elements together with a twist.

Sleek mirrored storage takes up the wall opposite the bed and reflects the wonderland colors and flowers from every angle. This light touch brightens the room with ease.

A red and black room hints at danger, adventure, and personality - a great theme for a teenage bedroom. Don't you just love the modular wall units? They make it easy to get that on-trend geometric look.

The blanket adds a dash of contrast, but the dark palette makes it easy to coordinate secondary colors like these. A cute vinyl wall applique reminds the teenage occupant that the bed is for restful sleep rather than texting and gaming.

Sometimes screens seem to ruin the aesthetic of a room. But in this case, the technology really ties in with the overall super-modern design. The television definitely doesn't look like an afterthought in this arrangement.

These two bedrooms couldn't get any cuter! A neon city and garden theme looks like a cartoon brought to life - and what little kid wouldn't want to sleep in a room like that? On the right, blue shapes and stripes set the imagination alight. Both of these rooms have super cute desks with miniature versions of iconic designer chairs.

A more subdued room promotes relaxation and concentration rather than just energetic play. Soothing tones and natural materials like the ones used here are suitable for kids of any age - perhaps especially for younger children who have trouble unwinding at the end of the day.

Another extremely cool loft room with stairs that double as drawers, with a refined color scheme to match - this time, the design caters to older kids and teens who crave a more grown up environment. Typographic prints are a sharp and inexpensive source decoration with the extra benefit of being easy to adapt and replace as tastes change.

Pink lemonade is the first thing that comes to mind: playful, bright, summery, and light. This pink and yellow bedroom features all the essential cartoon characters every kid loves from Disney princesses to SpongeBob. Polished white floors promise easy cleanup after intense play sessions and creative craft projects.

This blue room reflects the peaceful coastal view seen from the window. Plus, this bedroom features a cool DIY project idea: pendant lights hanging through open shelves, perfectly framed among special knick-knacks. The adjustable reading lamp mounted from the wall on the right is neat too!

Moody lighting and luxury materials take center stage in this music-themed bedroom. Of course, music isn't the only expressive medium this young adult will grow to appreciate - chairs by Eero Aarnio and Antonio Citterio are sure to establish an appreciation for fine design. Teen trends may come and go, but those two chairs won't be going out of style any time soon.

A delicate bedroom decked out in pretty lavender and fresh bright white - surely a lovely little place to wake up in the morning. Birds in flight make for a nice accent wall, a motif the resident can appreciate at any age.

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