Sustainable Home Designs for Katrina Victims

Sustainable Home Designs for Katrina Victims


Actor Brad Pitt has partnered with real-estate developer and philanthropist Steve Bing to create low-price, sustainable homes as part of the “ Make it Right” project. A set of duplex designs were proposed by 13 of the world's top architects to visualize and design green, sustainable houses for hurricane Katrina victims.The designs had to be flexible, with “ interchangeable floor plans that allow the families to change the size and configuration of the two homes as their family size, needs or economic situation changes.”

brad pitt home

make it right design

make it right duplex design

pitt project design

make it right project

The big name architects include Bild design, Billes Architecture, Buidlingstudio, BNIM and so on.The selected designs are under construction. More images follow…








Video: Sustainable Home Designs for Katrina Victims.


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