Taipei Home Showcases Asian Minimalist Influences

Taipei Home Showcases Asian Minimalist Influences

In Western homes we may see influences of minimalism. Many modern homes strive to incorporate the beautiful simplicity of the style. However, in this Taipei home, owned by a family of three, minimalism is not simply a preferred aesthetic, it is an absolute necessity. With three people living in just 285 square feet (26 square meters), there is no space whatsoever for things that do not have a function. The home's designer at Folk Design took inspiration for this simple house from the owners' love of calligraphy and devotion to meditation. Indeed, it must take a very clear mind to let go of so much space and privacy.

The living area is the main meeting space in the home as well as the source of most of the sunlight, with its wall of windows. The long, narrow sofa features modular cushions that can quickly be rearranged from sofa to study bench to guest bed when necessary. There is also a small work nook that can be closed off out of sight by folding wood doors.

The natural wood elements are common throughout the house, which helps to give much of the decor a calming and neutral atmosphere. There is nothing busy or loud about this design.

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