This Desert Oasis is a Step Above the Standard Vegas Hotel

This Desert Oasis is a Step Above the Standard Vegas Hotel

For most people, spending a weekend in Las Vegas means pushing their way through the throngs seated at slot machines to get to an elevator and walk miles of hallway just to get to a poorly decorated room and go right back down to a casino. But for those visitors who are lucky enough to truly indulge in the old style Las Vegas experience of pretty poolsides and plenty of privacy, there is CAVU. This 13, 000 square foot house, from award-winning architect Eric Strain, is all kinds of luxurious. And though it's just a stone's throw from the decadence of the Las Vegas strip, it feels like it's on another planet. Let's take a glimpse inside.

The home's exterior is made from custom stainless steel and includes a fully enclosed dog run so that the whole family can enjoy the vacation. The exterior walls are constructed with three foot thick rammed earth adobe, which serves to keep the house insulated naturally and drought resistant landscaping make this desert oasis sustainable without detracting from its modern beauty. Clearly sustainability was on the mind of this architect.

The top floor of the home is termed a “ master retreat” and has everything a couple would need to escape from the hedonism downstairs. The winged roof that extends over the house is another natural cooling feature and includes built in solar panels.

Modern Home Plan

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